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If you would like access to more resources, why not listen to the Be More series of podcasts?

Each podcast focuses on everyday problems that are often not discussed openly and gives hints and tips from Ed, Mark & Nicky that are designed to help you – with lots of fun and laughter along the way!

You can access some of the Be More episodes by following the links below. You will also find them in all of the places where you usually listen to your podcasts.

The 'Be More' Podcast Trailer

Join Ed, Mark & Nicky on the Be More Podcast where they take problems and issues that we all have – and try to sort them out.


In this episode Ed, Mark & Nicky talk about anxiety – what is it (and what it isn’t), how you can recognise it, and how you can begin to deal with it

Negative Self-Talk

In this episode Ed, Nicky and Mark talk about negative self-talk. They discuss the damaging long-term effects of it, the potential root causes of it –  as well as helping you begin to deal effectively with it

Imposter Syndrome

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? Maybe at work, or as a parent – or just as a person as a whole? That’s where Imposter Syndrome comes in. 

More Episodes...

You can listen to all episodes of the ‘Be More’ podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and all major podcast providers. 


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